Wellness Services

Ear Candling

Ear Candling   Ear Candling/Ear Coning is a safe, gentle method of cleansing the ear canal by means of inserting a hollow “candle”. The process can remove excessive ear wax, excess fluid (alleviating the pain and pressure resulting from sinus and allergy Read More →

Aqua Chi Foot Detox

Aqua Chi Foot Detox The ionic foot spa will kick start the expulsion of toxins and begin to help rebalance the positive and negative ions in yourbody. The water will change color and you’ll see deposits floating on top of the water as you Read More →

Full leg-Cellulite with Glut Lifting

Full leg-Cellulite with Glut Lifting                             For these treatments you need to schedule your appointments twice a week. $65 per session     Packages 10 treatments  $585 15 treatments  $828 20 treatments  $1040 Read More →

Tired Legs & Mild Varicose Veins

$140 per session   Packages 5 treatments  $630 10 treatments  $1200 Read More →